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Hydro industrial park

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Hydro industrial park


The Hydro industrial park is the heart of the world heritage. It was here artificial fertilizer was successfully manufactured in an industrial scale for the first time in history. It was at the Hydro industrial park in Notodden the industrial adventure started, now inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The first manufacturing occurred at an experimental factory in 1905, and was a result of a long process and a few coincidences.

A couple of years earlier engineer Sam Eyde met the scientist Kristian Birkeland at a dinner party. The host of this party was minister Gunnar Knudsen. During the dinner party Kristian Birkelands electric cannon becomes a topic of discussion, engineer and waterfall owner Sam Eyde listens closely.

At Notodden Sam Eyde gets the electric power he needs for the Birkeland-Eyde experiments from the industrialist Ole H. Holta, and his hydroelectric power station Tinfos I. The events are many and the stories intriguing. In the world heritage town Notodden you will learn and experience loads from this Pioneer project.

In the Hydro industrial park you’ll find extraordinary early 20th century industrial architecture. Outside Oven house A there is a fantastic Birkeland-Eyde furnace – the most significant Norwegian invention of all time!

You’ll fin Hydro industrial park in Notodden, at the shores of Lake Heddalsvannet, in the heart of Telemark.

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