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  1. Add Notodden RV-camp to your Itinerary

    Notodden RV-camp


    Notodden RV-camp is situated close to the city centre, close to the shore of lake Heddalsvannet.

  2. Add Telemark Travel to your Itinerary

    Telemark Travel


    Telemark Travel offers day trips in the world heritage area Rjukan-Notodden in cooperation with NSB and NIATelemark. The tours include train journeys on Bratsbergbanen from and to Grenland-Notodden, guided bus tour to Rjukan, ferry ride with M / F...

  3. Add Notodden Hotel to your Itinerary

    Notodden Hotel


    In the heart of Notodden you will find Notodden Hotel.

  4. Add Tinfos culture area to your Itinerary

    Tinfos culture area



    Tinfos culture area is an essential part of the Rjukan-Notodden world Heritage and a treat for those of you interested in history, here you will get 200 years worth all within walking distance.

  5. Add Bellman Pub to your Itinerary

    Bellman Pub


    Bellman Pub is the oldest pub in Notodden, frequented by a more mature crowd than the other pubs, clubs and bars.

  6. Add Nesøya Marina to your Itinerary

    Nesøya Marina


    Nesøya Marina is a marina with 5-7 spaces - toilet, shower, electricity and water.

  7. Add Tourist information at Bok & Blueshuset to your Itinerary

    Tourist information at Bok & Blueshuset


    You will find the tourist information at Bok & Blueshuset down by Lake Heddalsvannet, in Notodden city centre.

  8. Add Company Town – Grønnbyen, Villamoen & Admini to your Itinerary

    Company Town – Grønnbyen, Villamoen & Admini


    The industrial worker, office clerks and engineers, and the entrepreneur. That is how the early 20th century housing situation was organized, almost like steps on a flight of stairs. It is quite rare to find such an evident geographical division of...

  9. Add Heddal Local Museum to your Itinerary

    Heddal Local Museum


    Heddal local museum is situated right next to the Heddal stave church.

  10. Add Dusanfossen waterfall to your Itinerary

    Dusanfossen waterfall


    This hike starts at the side of the road on RV37 Bolkesjøvegen in Jondalen, and ends at the Dusanfossen waterfall.

  11. Add Teledølen Pub to your Itinerary

    Teledølen Pub


    Situated right in the center of town you will find Teledølen Pub.

  12. Add Stasjonen Kafé to your Itinerary

    Stasjonen Kafé


    The Station Café is located in Notoddens first railway station, a beautiful art noveau building from 1909, part of the UNESCO world heritage.

  13. Add Shopping in Notodden to your Itinerary

    Shopping in Notodden


    Explore the many shopping possibilities in Notodden.

  14. Add Lake Tinnemyra to your Itinerary

    Lake Tinnemyra


    This walk takes you around lake Tinnemyra. The trail around the lake is 2km long, illuminated, and wheelchair accessible.

  15. Add The Tinnoset line, Bratsbergline and Notodden railway station to your Itinerary

    The Tinnoset line, Bratsbergline and Notodden railway station


    The line goes from Tinnoset to Notodden and is 31km long, it moves through beautiful and dramatic landscapes. On the steepest parts of the line, the incline is 28‰, and among the steepest in Norway.

  16. Add Tuvensenteret Shopping Center to your Itinerary

    Tuvensenteret Shopping Center


    Tuvensenteret is a modern, pleasant shopping mall with a good atmosphere, right next to E134, 2km west of Notodden city centre.

  17. Add NMBA visitors marina to your Itinerary

    NMBA visitors marina


    Notodden Motorboat association offers several spaces to those of you that visit Notodden by boat.

  18. Add Tjønnås Ecological farm to your Itinerary

    Tjønnås Ecological farm


    Tjønnås Ecological farm welcomes you to a different experience - either you are looking for an ecological vacation, or need a place to stay during your journey.

  19. Aasmundsen Bakery


    Aasmundsen Bakery and café offers fresh pastries every day from Aasmundsen Bakery in Flatdal. 

    Opening hours:

    Mondag - Friday 08:00am - 16:00pm

    Saturday 09:00am - 15:00pm

    Sunday closed




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