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Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers to it. If you can not find your question here, or are not satisfied with the answer here please contact us.

How many passengers do the boats take?
MS Henrik Ibsen has a certification for 99 passengers.
MS Telemarken has a certification for 137 passengers.
MS Victoria has a certification for 180 passengers.

Stroller/pram on board
Strollers/prams that will be in use during the journey cost 100 NOK to bring along. This can be ordered when purchasing the ticket online.

We recommend a tightair jacket and something warm underneath because it can be quite cold and windy at times.

Dining on the canal boats
There are possibilities to eat and drink aboard the MS Henrik Ibsen, MS Telemarken and MS Victoria. All three boats have a restaurant with rights to serve beer and wine.
Food and drinks that are brought along may not be enjoyed whilst in the restaurant. Brought along alcohol is not allowed on board the boat.
It is unfortunately not possible to make reservations for a table at the restaurant, unless you have preordered food. 

Is it wise to make reservations for the boat?
Absolutly. If you haven't ordered tickets beforehand, you are risking to not be able to enter the boat if the boat is at max capacity.
Tickets can be purchased beforehand online at By ordering through email, phone or purchase a ticket on the boat itself comes an additional fee of 65 NOK per person.

For individual passengers payment will occur upon purchasing a ticket.
Tickets can be purchased beforehand online at By ordering through email, phone or purchase a ticket on the boat itself comes an additional fee of 65 NOK per person.
Group have their own rules and regulations.

Seniors, students, escorts
Free travel for escorts with a license. No discounts are given for seniors and students.

Dogs/pets allowed?
Yes, but it will not be a comfortable journey for the dog, since there can be many people on the boats. It won't be possible for dogs and owners to hop on/off the boat to walk the dog. The dog must be under constant surveillance by its owner, and can only be above deck. We don't recommend taking your dog on the boat. The fare for a dog is NOK 300,-  (this does not apply to a guide dog)

Canal bus
The canal bus drives and corresponds with other buses so you are able to combine boat bus to get back to your starting location.
You can find an overview over the different possibilities here.

Do you have to preorder seats on the canal bus?
Yes. You can do this at the same time as you purchase tickets.

On Hellebrygga in Skien it is required to have a valid parking license which are handed out by the crew of the ship or the bus driver. There are otherwise free parking spots along the canal at designated locations that are marked nears the locks and docks. Parking at these locations are at your own risk. NB! Be aware of the signs; there are other parking possibilities that are not affiliated with the Telemark Canal which have restrictions. Please be respectful to private property.

Wheelchairs/Disabled people
The canal boats on the Telemark Canal are veteran boats and thus are not universally friendly for disabled people. It is possible to take on board manual wheelchairs through the normal entrance, but unfortunately not electrical wheelchairs.
For disabled people people, we recommend to hop on/off the boat when the boat is in the loks. This due to the height difference between the boat and docks. A suitable location to do this is between Ulefoss and Lunde.
We like to point attention to the fact that there are normal stairs below deck to the café/restaurant, and therefore hard to reach for some disabled people.

All boats are safety certified and are equipped with both liferafts and vests for everyone.
For your own safety we recommend you treading careful around deck; do not run on the boat, not hold your hands outside of the railing while in the locks and do not climb the chairs/benches on the ship.
OBS: It is strictly forbidden to hop on/off the boat in a different way than the normal entrance used from land.

All boats are able to bring along bicycles, bicycletrailer, canoe and kayak. We recommend prepurchasing your ticket for these to make sure there is enough room on the boat.
Bicycle, bicycletrailer, canoe, kayak and similar equipment must be free of luggage and must be prepared for boarding prior to entering the boat. The equipment will be lifted manually aboard and must be as light as possible. Owner must be prepared to be of assistance in lifting said equipment on board.

Return ticket
Purchasing a return ticket and traveling within a week will give you a 50% discount on your return passage.
This must be purchased by telephone to the booking department of the Telemark Canal: +47 40 92 00 00. Show your ticket with name and a form of ID when entering the boat.

Rental of bicycle and canoe/kayak
Telemark Canal camping has rental of bicycles, canoes and kayaks. Telephone: +47 91 57 54 21

Rental motorboat
Norsjø Ferieland has rental of motorboats. Telephone: +47 35 95 84 30


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