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Top 7 hikes in Norway

We have gathered the top seven most iconic hiking trails in Norway. These are a must-hike! From the iconic fjords in the west to the breathtakingly beautiful plains in the north. What better way to enjoy the vast and beautiful Norwegian scenery than through hiking? 

Gaustatoppen, Norway

1. Gaustatoppen, Telemark. 1,883 meters above sea level 

Gaustatoppen in Telemark is one of Norway’s most distinctive and famous mountains, and a popular hiking trail. The five hour roundtrip is 8,6 km long, but if you want to rest your legs you can take the funicular railway Gaustabanen, running on rails inside the mountain, almost all the way to the top. The remaining 200 metres consists of a stone staircase built by Sherpas from Nepal. At the summit of Gaustatoppen you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of 1/6 of Norway! This hike is labelled as “challenging” if you choose to walk the entire hike. This is due to the rocky path leading up to the summit. 

Telemark is a unique and fairly undiscovered hiking treasure. With hiking destinations for both beginner and experts Telemark is truly spectacular, safe and accessible for all. Check out the Gaustatoppen trail and top 5 hiking trails in Telemark.  

2. Jostedalsbreen, Sogn og Fjordane

Jostedalsbreen is the European mainland’s biggest glacier, ideal for glacier hiking. Its most popular glacier arm is called Nigardsbreen which is easily accessible with either bus or car. The high pressure and inner movement of the glacier turns snow into the glaciers signature compact blue ice. The blue ice melting on the bottom of the glacier is therefore snow that fell on the top over 800 years ago. 

Guides sell guided hiking tours for all levels of experience. Hiking and climbing on Nigardsbreen should be done with a guide and safe equipment. It is possible to take hiking courses that qualify you to hike on your own. 

Beseggen, Norway. Photo: Chris Arnesen /

3. Besseggen, Jotunheimen. 1,743 m

Besseggen is Norway’s most popular one-day hike. Located in Jotunheimen, the home of Northern-Europe’s highest mountains, Besseggen reaches an altitude of 1,743 m. The hike through Besseggen stretches itself between the two lakes Gjende and Bessvatn, with the emerald green Gjende located 400 m lower than Bessvatn. Bessvatn on the other hand is dark blue due to melted glacierwater. This results in the popular hike’s iconic scenery. The day-trip takes between 6 and 8 hours, not including breaks. This hike is labelled as challenging. 

4. Galdhøpiggen, Jotunheimen. 2,469 m

Galdhøpiggen is Northern-Europe’s and mainland-Norway’s tallest mountain, at 2,469 m. This hike not only offers the tallest viewpoint in Norway, but also a walk across the glacier Styggebreen on your way to the top. The hike up to Norway’s roof takes about 7 hours, and is labelled as «difficult», much due to the altitude and the glacier crossing. 

Drive from Lome city center to Juvasshytta, and walk from the cabin. Calculate good time on preperation for the glacier crossing.  

Galdhøpiggen, Norway. Photo: Johan Wildhagen -

5. The Pulpit Rock/ Prekestolen, Rogaland. 604 m

The Pulpit Rock is a mountain plateau in the municipality of Rogaland. 

Prekestolen, Norway. Photo; Andreas Gruhle/

The pulpit-like mountain formation is 604 m, with an astonishing view over the Norwegian fjord Lysefjorden. The 25*25m flat plateau has in fact been awarded the first place on Lonely Plant’s list over «most breath taking viewing platforms».  It takes approximately two hours to hike up to The Pulpit Rock. A two hour hike to the most breath taking viewing platform in the world is well worth the effort. 

6. The Troll’s Tounge, Hordaland. 1,100 m

The Troll’s Tounge is a ten hour roundtrip with a 900 meter rise. The hike is marked as very difficult, but it is well worth the trip. When you reach the top you can walk out on the mountain plateau shaped like a trolls tounge sticking out from the mountain. Remember to take a picture of this Kodak Moment, you are now standing 700 meters above the fjord. While hiking up to The Troll’s Tounge you will pass a twin waterfall with a free fall of 300 meters, making it the highest waterfall in Norway. When you reach the Troll’s Trounge you are 1,100 m, with a great view over Ringedalsvatnet. 

Kjeragbolten, Norway. Photo: Per Eide -

7. Kjeragbolten, Hordaland

Kjerag, also located in Lysefjorden, is famous for its signature rock Kjeragbolten. Kjeragbolten is stuck in a crack in the mountain 1 km straight above the fjord. Remember to take a picture if you choose to stand on 

it. Kjeragbolten is however not the only attraction on this hike. The scenery on this 5 hour roundtrip is beyond compare with streams of glacierwater, and a variety of plains and hills all the way to the top. 

The hike is marked as difficult. This is due to a rise of 600 meters from your starting point, and several steep climbs equipped with chains to hold on to. 

Stay safe while hiking in the mountains by adhering to these Norwegian ground rules, as listed on VisitNorway’s webpage:

  • 1. Do not embark on a trip you're not qualified to complete.
  • 2. Leave word of your route and planned arrival.
  • 3. Listen to the forecast and respect the weather.
  • 4. Equip for bad weather and worsening conditions, even on short trips.
  • 5. Listen to experienced hikers who know the local conditions.
  • 6. Bring navigation aids, and know how to use them.
  • 7. Do not go alone.
  • 8. Turn around in time - there's no shame in returning to base.
  • 9. Conserve your strength. Make a snow shelter before you are exhausted.



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