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Cultural hiking

Experience cultural attractions while hiking!

You can experience the best of nature and culture while hiking in Telemark! Hiking is so much more than just taking a hike; with the addition of narrative, design and local delicacies you can be sure that your hiking experience will reach new levels.

In WalkTelemark you will find graded and marked hikes that are closely related to numerous cultural attractions in Telemark. We can offer an unforgettable hiking experience in the contrast of Telemark – here are our top recomendations: 

Hiking alongside the Telemark Canal 

There are many great hiking opportunities alongside the Telemark Canal. How about the spectacular and demanding Lårdalsstigen that rises 800 meters above the canal, or urban hiking in Skien and Notodden. What about walking through the apple orchards in Sauherad or the beautiful viewing points near the canal landscape in Lunde?

Combining fishing and hiking 

Bufjordstigen will take you through idyllic paths along the waterline of the Telemark Canal. You'll get to see fairytale hotel Dalen Hotel from the shore, through the beautiful hotelgarden. Tokkeåi, which is a river that runs through Dalen is the perfect spot for fishing and angling, has been an attraction for cenuries. 

Hiking along Telemark's oldest trading route 

It is possible to hike all the way up to the West-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg – a museum filled with history, art and traditions! On your way theres a beautiful small farm called  Rui and many other viewpoints related to interesting stories. Did you know that most of the hike lies on historic ground? This was the route used to transport whetstone from Eidsborg to the rest of the world by means of the Telemark Canal. 

Hiking with an extra savory taste to it 

Hiking in Bjørgefell will make sure that all of your senses are intrigued! The hike starts at Nordigard Bjørge Guestranch, one of the few ranches in Telemark that focus on herding cattle funny called for Telemark Cows. Arriving at the top of Bjørgefjell you can witness a fantastic view over the lake near Seljord – and mayhaps you are lucky and see a glimpse of the Seljord Serpent? We recommend stopping at the cosy ranch cafetaria for homemade icecream from Telemark! We like to call it that world's best ice cream from an objective view!

Hiking i the cradle of modern skiing 

The little village of Morgedal is world renowned after Sondre Norheim grew up there. He is known as the father of modern skiing. You are able to combine a visit to the museum dedicated to the history of modern skiing with a hike to Øverbø – where Sondre Norheim grew up. In Sondrestoga the first winter olympic torches were lit. Did you know that the word slalom originates from Norway and derives from the landscape here in Telemark? 

Art and culture hiking in the mountains 

Combine art and culture on this great cultural hike that starts and ends in Mjonøy in Vinje. The hike goes through a woodland with beautiful a landscape perfect for photography. You will soon understand why this landscape has inspired artists throughout the ages. Close to the hike lies Vinje Biletgalleri – a beautiful gallery. Here you will find beautiful pieces of art that display the authentic nature of Telemark by Henrik Sørensen and Harald Kuhle. We recommend visiting Mjonøy in Vinje to grab something delicious to eat as they present freshly baked bread and other delicacies!

The Vision sculpture stands on top of Mount Vierlinuten and it aims to amuse and bemuse locals and visitors alike. If you look at the polished front of the sculpture, you will see that the figure's nose is in fact inverted. Will your brain take over and put it right again? Come try the sculpture hike Vidsyn - Oksatjønn!

Hiking through the World Heritage

Rjukan was the first large industrial facility in Norway, and based on this fact and the history that happened here was it put on the UNESCO World Heritage list. An urban hike through Rjukan is recommended! In Rjukan you can take the Krossobanen – a shortcut to the sun and Hardangervidda. Here you hike the picturesque Solstien, where sherpas from Nepal lay stone large parts of the hike. This is the shortcut to Hardangervidda for those of us who would like to hike for several days.

From Rjukan you can also take a trip to the roof of Telemark: Gaustatoppen. From this mountain top you are able to see 1/6th of Norway as long as it isn't clouded! Those wanting to see this spectacular view but don't want to hike all the way up the mountain, fret not! You can take the Gaustabanen which will shave off most of the hike. Gaustabanen is today one of Telemark's most popular and unique attractions!

One of the most famous hikes in Rjukan is the Saboteur trail. Here you can hike in the footsteps of the world renowned norwegian rebels and follow their story when they were going to blow up the facility in Vemork that produced heavy water. The trip ends at Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum – a beautiful museum that shows many aspects of not just the story of our heroes, but many other exciting stories waiting to be told.



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